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EPDM Rubber Membrane and Roof Kits

Skyguard EPDM Shed Roof Kits

Skyguard EPDM Shed Roof Kits

Skyguard EPDM Shed Roof Kits

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Introducing the Skyguard® Shed & Out Building Rubber Roof Kit.

Upgrade your shed or outbuilding with the Skyguard EPDM rubber roofing kit, a contemporary and durable alternative to traditional felt roofing. This all-in-one roofing system offers a hassle-free installation process and promises a lasting solution that will enhance the longevity of your structure. Say goodbye to leaks and high maintenance – the Skyguard Shed Rubber Roof Kit has you covered.

Key Features:

Weather Resistant for a Lifetime of Protection End your worries about leaks once and for all! Unlike traditional roofing materials, our EPDM membrane is UV stable and impervious to tears or blisters. The membrane forms an unbreakable bond with your shed or outbuilding roof deck, retaining its flexibility throughout its extensive 50+ year life expectancy.

Easy & Swift Installation Designed with simplicity in mind, the Skyguard rubber roof kit is supplied in a single sheet, making it a breeze for homeowners and novice DIY enthusiasts alike. No more on-site joining; our kit simplifies the installation process, saving you time and effort.

Peace of Mind with a 20-Year Warranty With the Skyguard® EPDM roof system, your sheds, outbuildings, log cabins, garden studios, and summer houses are protected for their entire lifespan. Plus, you'll enjoy added security with our generous 20-year warranty, ensuring your investment remains safeguarded.

Advantages of Skyguard:

  • 50+ Year Life Expectancy Enjoy decades of reliable protection for your structure.
  • Maintenance-Free Say goodbye to constant upkeep and repairs.
  • Rapid Fitting Times Complete your roofing project quickly and efficiently.
  • Will Not Tear, Split, or Crack Count on the durability and resilience of EPDM.
  • Clean and Easy To Install Achieve a polished finish without the mess.
  • Lightweight Materials No added weight to stress your structure.
  • Supplied in One-Piece Simplify your installation process.
  • Attractive Finish Enhance the aesthetics of your shed or outbuilding.

Included in Kit:

  • 1.0mm thick Skyguard EPDM Membrane (Size as per roof kit chosen)
  • Water-Based Deck Adhesive to adhere the membrane to the roof deck
  • Bond and Seal Mastic to bond the membrane to the roof edges
  • Roller

Upgrade your shed or outbuilding's roof with the Skyguard Shed Rubber Roof Kit and enjoy peace of mind, longevity, and an attractive finish. Invest in modern roofing excellence today!

* Please Note *

Please be aware that these EPDM roofing kits are exclusively crafted and intended for application on structures such as sheds, garden buildings, log cabins, garden studios, man caves, and similar buildings only. 

The dimensions displayed represent the overall measurements of the supplied EPDM piece. Your roof dimensions should be slightly smaller than the indicated size to accommodate the membrane extending over the perimeter edges, ensuring proper weatherproofing of the entire roof area. It is your responsibility to factor in these allowances in your measurements to ensure adequate coverage.

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What Is the Anticipated Lifespan of EPDM Rubber Roofs?

  • EPDM rubber roofs are designed to last for up to 50 years.
  • EPDM has been in commercial use since the 1960s, and a significant number of those roofs are still in use today.

Will My EPDM Membrane Contain Seams?

  • All EPDM membranes are initially supplied to us with manufacturer's seams. The presence of these seams in your EPDM membrane may vary depending on the spacing of the seams and the size of the section cut from the roll. In some cases, there may be no manufacturer's seams in the membrane.
  • It's important to note that these seams are inherent to all EPDM membranes, whether it's Firestone, ClassicBond, or SKYGUARD. While they are unavoidable, the significant advantage lies in our commitment to delivering the membrane to you as one continuous piece, as clearly stated on our website. This eliminates the need for on-site seams, ensuring that workmanship concerns are minimized.

Is Dry Weather a Prerequisite for EPDM Roofing Installation?

  • To ensure the effective bonding of EPDM membranes to the roof deck, it is imperative that the substrate is completely dry before installation. The adhesives and primers used in EPDM roofing applications require a dry surface to properly adhere the rubber. EPDM materials will not form a secure bond on surfaces that are wet or damp. It is crucial to consider that any trapped moisture within the deck may vaporize and potentially have an adverse impact on the membrane's performance.

How to Apply Skyguard Bond & Seal Mastic?

  • Using Skyguard Bond & Seal Mastic is a straightforward process. Follow these steps for easy application:
  • Begin by removing the nib of the tube using a pair of scissors.

  • Attach the product to an adhesive gun for controlled dispensing.

  • When applying the product along the deck's perimeter, make sure to lift the edges of the EPDM membrane away from the area.

  • Apply a consistent amount of the product to the substrate, ensuring an even bead along the perimeter.

  • Once the product is applied, allow the edge of the EPDM membrane to come into contact with the mastic.

  • Use your hands to press the membrane firmly into the mastic, ensuring it is securely bonded.

  • Before proceeding with any further installation, carefully inspect the membrane to ensure it is fully bonded around the perimeter. This is crucial before moving on to the application of timber cladding or trims.

How to Apply Skyguard Water Based Deck Adhesive:

  • Using Skyguard Water Based Deck Adhesive is straightforward and hassle-free. Here's how to apply it effectively:
  • Skyguard Water Based Deck Adhesive is ready for use directly from the container, making it a convenient and straightforward product.

  • To ensure even and consistent distribution across the roof deck, we recommend using a roller for the application.

  • For a seamless and effortless application, consider purchasing our 100mm Mini Roller in conjunction with this product. It will make the process quick and efficient.

What Temperature Range Is Suitable for Rubber Roof Installation?

  • For EPDM installation, we advise working in temperatures of at least 5 degrees Celsius. This guideline is important because the water-based adhesive (WBA) used can be vulnerable to freezing and potential failure in colder conditions.
Generally, delivery times range from 1 to 3 working days. However, it's important to note that unforeseen exceptions and delays may occur, which are beyond our control. As a precautionary measure, we recommend refraining from initiating or scheduling any work until you have received all your items.

Returns, Refunds, and Cancellations Policy

Please contact us first before returning any items and do not return to our location.

If you wish to initiate a return for any products, please notify us within 30 days from the date of receiving your order. You can contact us via email at or by calling 01634 869823, and kindly provide your invoice number as a reference.

For all returned items, a full refund will be issued, with the exception of rubber membranes. Rubber membranes are considered bespoke and are cut to size; therefore, they will incur a 40% restocking charge.

Please be aware that the cost of returning the goods to the following address will be borne by the customer unless a different arrangement has been agreed upon before the return. It is important to ensure that the returned goods are in a resalable condition to qualify for a refund. To expedite the return process, please include your invoice number on the packaging. Once the returned goods have been inspected, a credit will be issued accordingly.

Order Amendments and Cancellation Policy

Kindly be aware that our rubber membranes are custom-cut to size. We kindly request that customers carefully review their invoice in its entirety and promptly notify us within 1 hour of receiving the invoice if there are any amendments, cancellations, or discrepancies needed. Please note that once the rubber membrane has been cut, a 40% restocking charge will apply. To ensure a smooth process and prevent any inconvenience, we strongly recommend checking your invoice as soon as it is received.

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