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Polycarbonate Roof Sheets, Twin, Triple & Multi Wall

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Twin, Triple &  Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheets.

Axiome® glazing sheets provide a lightweight and robust solution that can be used in many varied applications. Available in at least five thicknesses Axiome® is manufactured in a huge range of sheet sizes to suit virtually every eventuality providing probably the widest selections of multiwall globally. The use of this versatile product is increasing all the time, due to its inherent properties making it lightweight, flexible, strong, safe and with an excellent light transmission.

For roof glazing Axiome® provides peace of mind that it won’t shatter and produce dangerous shards like glass in the event of impact. Axiome® is extruded in a structured formation that provides excellent spanning strength whilst maintaining a degree of longitudinal flexibility for curved structures as required.

We offer a full range of range of sheets and accessories. We can even offer a cut to size service if required, just message with your measurements for an accurate price quotation. 

Sheet Thickness Benefits?

6mm Twinwall - Fits most Greenhouse beads, high light transmission, best bending radius

10mm Twinwall - Good bending radius

16mm Triplewall - Stronger structure than twinwall, average insulation value

25mm Multiwall - Good Insulation, good structural loading capacity

35mm Multiwall - Higher insulation value, best structural loading capacity

What Colour should I Use?

Clear - Maximum light transmission and brightness; protects from harmful UV

Opal -  Reflects some heat, provides shading and privacy

Bronze - Reduces glare and provides shading, will tend to increase heat build up

Clear Silver SOLEK® - Rejects approximately 80% of the solar energy dramatically reducing heat build up

Silver Bronze SOLEK® - Rejects a high degree of solar energy, reducing heat build up and provides shading

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