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Machine cast lead – the preferred choice

Machine cast lead is all made on site here at Midland Lead – to very precise operating standards. Every part of the process is scrupulously checked and verified to ensure that all of our machine cast lead meets the required standards of:

  • The British Board of Agreement (certificate no. 86/1764).
  • The European Construction Products Regulation (CPR) – our machine cast lead is CE marked to BS EN 14783.

Over the years, our machine cast lead has also gained the approval of important advisory construction organisations, such as:

  • The National House Building Council (NHBC)
  • The Local Authority Building Control (LABC)
  • Premier Guarantee

Machine cast lead – the practical choice

Machine cast lead is an incredibly efficient weather-proofing material:

  • Unlike rolled lead, machine cast lead has a clean non-oily finish, so it’s ready for use straightaway.
  • Machine cast lead can be fitted in all weather – that is not possible with other non-lead weatherproofing materials.
  • Once fitted, machine cast lead just needs a single coat of patination oil – then you can forget all about it – it won’t stain or deteriorate.

Machine cast lead – the adaptable choice

Machine cast lead is wonderfully versatile. It is the green, durable roofing material of choice in the construction trade. It is the safe choice for the construction of lead-lined boards in the health care sector. And it’s an effective noise stopper used for soundproofing and can protect against radiation too.

Machine cast lead – the environmentally sound choice

Recycling and lead go hand in hand. Not only is our machine cast lead made form 100% recycled lead, but it can be recycled again and again. It is a very efficient recycling process too – lead has a comparatively low melting point, so that means a lower carbon footprint.

Most lead roofing installations have a rating of A or A+ in the BRE Green Guide. So you and your clients will benefit from buying one of the greenest building materials on the market.

BBA approved machine cast lead

Midland Lead is certified by the BBA – Certificate No: 86/1764. This gives you these key assurances. Our machine cast lead:

  • Complies with Building regulations where applicable
  • Is independently assessed with regards to technical and chemical specification
  • Is subjected to spectro-lab analysis to ensure it meets the required standard.

Lead manufacturers have to work hard for BBA certification. In fact, we’re re-assessed every six months to ensure we continue to meet the BBA’s required standard.

CE marked machine cast lead

Our machine cast lead also comes with CE mark BS EN14783 showing that it is a fully supported metal product to be used for roof coverings and for claddings or linings.

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