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Katepal Roof Shingle Range

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Katepal’s range of bituminous roof shingles benefit from the most up to date production technologies and developments to produce a roof shingle that is not only cost-effective as it is visually stunning. It serves as an ideal roofing solution for a range of different projects, from sheds, garages, kids play houses, outbuildings to summer houses and stables.

No matter the nature of your project, whether it be commercial, educational or recreational, the Katepal shingle`s will look great without standing out so much so as to run afoul of building regulations. Shingles laid end to end will create a seamless row, allowing you the maintain a consistent look on your roof, no matter the size of your project. A selection of colours are also available, including black, brown and red.

The range includes:

Katepal shingle`s are manufactured from materials formerly only available to professionals (SBS modified bitumen), it is ideal for roof`s with pitches between 12° and 90° pitch. 

There are Compatible with the Katepal underlay and it is easy to install, especially when compared to other major brands.

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