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Hedgehog Gutter Brush

Hedgehog Gutter Brush - Leaf Guard Brush 100mm - All Colours

Hedgehog Gutter Brush - Leaf Guard Brush 100mm - All Colours
Hedgehog Gutter Brush - Leaf Guard Brush 100mm - All Colours
Hedgehog Gutter Brush - Leaf Guard Brush 100mm - All Colours
Hedgehog Gutter Brush - Leaf Guard Brush 100mm - All Colours
Hedgehog Gutter Brush - Leaf Guard Brush 100mm - All Colours

Hedgehog Gutter Brush - Leaf Guard Brush 100mm - All Colours

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The Amazing Hedgehog Gutter Brush

Black, White or Brown. 100mm x 4m Long.

The award winning Hedgehog Gutter Brush Leaf Guard is the UK market leading brush gutter guard. Designed to prevent leaves and debris from clogging gutters and drains, keeping them clear and running free for many years and helping cut down on maintenance.

Hard wearing, very easy to fit and compelte with a 10 year materials guarantee. No expensive gutter cleaning tools required, simply place the brush into the gutter or drain and let it work for you. The brush requires very minimal maintenance and can be left in place for many years. Just remove the brush and give a few shakes to remove any dirt and simply place back into the gutter.

The Hedgehog Gutter Brush is the market leader and the No.1 choice when considering Gutter and Drain Brush leaf guards!

Also available: We supply a range of sizes including the 125mm (5 inch) Hedgehog gutter brush and 150mm (6 inch) Hedgehog gutter brush.

Which Gutter Brush will fit my Guttering?

Gutter brush installation

No specialist knowledge is needed to install a Hedgehog Gutter Brush and once fitted into a clean system, leaf clogged gutters and drains will become a thing of the past.

Please note that if you are in an area of dense deciduous trees, we would recommend cleaning the brush every couple of years, if required.

The Hedgehog gutter and drain brush will offer protection from blockage and subsequent damaging from water overflowing. This will save time and money in the long term.

As with any gutter guard, Hedgehog Gutter Brush will not prevent silt build up in guttering or the growth of vegetation resulting from drifting seeds. This is why we recommend removing the brush occasionally and give it a few shakes to remove any build from the brush as well taking this opportunity to clean the gutters.

These Gutter Brushes can be secured into your guttering by using the unique Hedgehog Gutter Brush Clips, these clips provide an extra restraint to help with wind up lift of the brushes.

Benefits of the Hedgehog Gutter Brush Leaf Guard

  • Simple and Easy to fit
  • 10 year no quibble guarantee
  • Adapts automatically to the shape of any gutter
  • Easy to clean and maintain if necessary
  • Can also be used as a pathway drain brush
  • Virtually indestructible
  • No expert installation experience needed. Fits in minutes
  • 100mm and 125mm Hedgehog Gutter Brushes are available in black, white or brown

Hedgehog Gutter Brush Features

  • Stainless steel wire core and polypropylene bristles to create a durable brush
  • Standard 4m x 100mm brush, suitable for 95% of household gutters
  • Also available in diameters from 50mm to 200mm.
  • Other colour options to choose from

10 Year Product Guarantee

It's guaranteed that the manufacturing quality of the Hedgehog® Gutter Brush and that the wire and filaments will continue to perform their intended function as a leaf guard for the 10-year warranty period. The Hedgehog® Gutter Brush will not prevent the build-up of silt in gutters nor will it stop the growth of vegetation caused by drifting seeds. In areas of dense trees and roof moss, it is recommended that the brush is cleaned as required. The limit of our liability is for the value of the original product or replacement with new product including transport to any mainland destination. For islands and export our guarantee is limited to the value of replacement product only. Proof of purchase must be retained and in the event of a claim, must be returned with the malfunctioned product.

Please note: Only genuine Hedgehog® Gutter Brushes will be covered by our guarantee.


Frequently Asked Questions

How many clips are required per 4 metre length?

One clip is required for every metre installed, plus one on each end. This means you would need 5 clips for a 4 metre length.

What diameter should I order for a 100mm gutter?

A 110mm diameter gutter would require the 4 inch Hedgehog Gutter Brush.

Can the gutter brush be cut to length?

Yes, you can easily cut it with wire clipper, or a hacksaw.

Does the hedgehog gutter brush stop birds?

Yes, the gutter brush can help prevent birds from gaining access to your eaves, as it provides a physical barrier which is uncomfortable for birds, thus detering them from accessing any gaps in the eaves.

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