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GRP Fibreglass Roofing Kits


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C1 Universal External Trim Corner
C2 Left / Right Fillet Corner Trim
C3 Internal / External Corner Trim
C4 Universal Internal Corner Trim
C5 E280 Expansion End
D260 Wall fillet trim
E280 Fibreglass expansion trim
F300 Flat Trim Per Metre
F900 Flat GRP Trim Per Metre
GRP Pipe Flashing
GRP Vertical Roof Outlet Drain
Parapet GRP Roof Outlet Drain
Parapet Wall GRP Roof Drain Outlet
Chopped Strand Matting 300g
Chopped Strand Matting 450g
G180 GRP Roof Gutter Drainage Trim
Chopped Strand Matting 600g
GRP Fibreglass Roofing Repair Kit
GRP Roofing Tool Packs
Mixing Bucket White
Mixing Stick 280mm
Resin Application Brushes
Turbo Mixing Paddle
Pure Acetone Brush Cleaner
C150 Simulated Lead Flashing Trim
Deco Paddle Roller
Metroflex Non Slip Additive 1kg
Metroflex Powdered Catalyst 500g
Metroflex Resin Dark Grey
Metroflex Roofing Primer 5kg

GRP Fibreglass flat roofing kits and systems

We stock and supply a variety of GRP flat roof systems from the most popular brands.

Choose from traditional GRP systems or the new fibreglass roof repair kits which are flexible and can overlay existing roof coverings. Ideal for everything from extensions, outbuildings & garage roofs. Each type has it own unique way of being installed. A cost effective alternative to EPDM rubber and available in a variety of colour finishes.

GRP Fibreglass roof kits: 5m2, 10m2, 20m2, 30m2 up to 100m2

Fibreglass roof repair kits are a durable, long lasting and low maintenance solution. Coupled with easy, mess free installation, they have become popular with professionals and DIYers alike. We supply GRP Fibreglass Roofing  in a 450g or 600g GRP roof kit with 5m² to 100m² coverage options.

Fibreglass roof cost calculator

With these kits, there's no need for complicated calculations to get the correct amount of material. No worrying about over ordering and being left to dispose of excess materials. All glass fibre matting, primer, polyester resin, catalysts etc that you need for your project are included in one kit.

Simply measure the area of your roof (or area needing repair) and select the corresponding kit, and choose between 450g with a 10 year guarantee or 600g with a 15 year guarantee.

Trims , tools & more

We also everything else you might need from edge trims, parapet trims, fibreglass roofing tools and top coats through to resin.

If you require further information or assistance with GRP fibreglass roofing, then please do contact us by Telephone 01634 869823, email: or by the live chat service. We are generally available Monday to Friday 07.00am to 5.00pm


GRP Flat Roofing FAQ's

Is GRP better than EPDM?

It depends on what your priorities are. EPDM may be more cost effective for larger areas, while GRP has better aesthetics and durability.

How long will a GRP roof last?

GRP roofing has been proven to have a long lifespan, typically in excess of 50 years.

Can you jet wash a GRP roof?

Yes, you can use a jet wash as long as it doesn't use hot water or steam, or you can equally use a garden hose to remove dirt and debris.

Can you install it over felt?

Not all systems are suitable for installation over felt, we would advise checking the individual systems or give us a call.

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