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Dektite Roof Penetration Flashings

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Explore Our Versatile Flashings for Metal, Glass, Plastic, and Fibre Cement

Welcome to our extensive range of Dektite flashings, designed to excel on metal roofs while offering remarkable versatility. Our flashings aren't limited to just metal; they are also perfectly suited for use on glass, plastic, and fibre cement roofs, regardless of the roof profile. The secret lies in the flexible base that can be expertly dressed to accommodate nearly any profile, ensuring a watertight seal and long-lasting performance.

The Strength of the Aluminum Strip Running along the edge of the flashing base is an aluminum strip encased in rubber, and it plays a crucial role in maintaining the flashing's form. This aluminum strip not only helps the flashing hold its shape but also ensures a secure and reliable seal to the roof. It's this combination of flexibility and strength that sets the Dektite range apart.

Flashing Solutions for Every Need In summary, the Dektite range of flashings is your versatile solution for almost any penetration. Whether you're working on metal, glass, plastic, or fibre cement roofing, our flashings rise to the challenge, delivering exceptional performance and peace of mind.

Did You Know? But that's not all. Dektite flashings aren't limited to roof penetrations alone. They can also be effectively used to flash wall penetrations, working in the same reliable way as they do on roof penetrations.

Upgrade your roofing and flashing solutions with the versatile Dektite range. Trust in our expertise and quality to ensure a secure and lasting seal on all your projects.