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DEKS Roof Penetration Flashings

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DEKS are the original creators of the Dektite pipe flashing, created in 1947. Our range consists of flashings for metal, plastic, glass, tile and slate roofs, making virtually any penetration through any roof type watertight. Our brands, Dektite, Seldek and Rapid Flash flashing are your first choice for a purpose made, watertight, lead-free flashing solution. As the global leading brand of rubber pipe flashings, our products are made to the highest standard, fully tested and each unit is hand inspected before leaving the factory. Made from quality EPDM Rubber or Silicone, Dektites can be used on temperatures from -50° to 200° (or 250° intermittently), are highly UV resistant and are quick and easy to install. EPDM Rubber will operate between -50° to 115° constantly and up 150° intermittently (30 mins or less), Silicone will operate between -50° to 200° constantly and up to 250° intermittently (30 mins or less). Dektites are used every day to seal penetrations from 5mm to 760mm, on both domestic and commercial buildings. Common applications include Chimney Flues, Spiral Ducting, Fume & Dust Extraction, Solar Panels, Soil Pipes, Fall Protection Systems, Signage Frames and more.