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Composite Batten Cladding Boards

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Bison Composite Batten Cladding planks give the look of timber cladding battens or Cedar slatted cladding without compromising on style or durability.

Easy to install and maintain, this composite cladding comes in two colours: Ash Grey and Oak, and is suitable for a range of projects such as cladding, fencing, screening and feature walls. An eco-friendly product which is highly durable and UV stable, as well as scratch, mould, rot and insect resistant. A simple hose or jet wash will keep it looking its best.

Manufacturing details

The wood plastic composite cladding boards are manufactured from 82% recycled material (wood fibre and HDPE plastic), with bonding, UV stabilisers and colour pigment additives.

Key features

Lifelike timber appearance Quick & easy to install for trade and experienced DIY enthusiasts alike Doesn't Rot, twist, or splinter. Lighter than timber Concealed fixing system UV resistant, enabling ability to retain original colour Environmentally friendly ; manufactured form 82% recycled materials , and is 95% recyclable at end of life Scratch resistant Resistant to insects Low maintenance : a simple wash down once a year is all that is required Non-Porous Comes with 10 year manufacturers warranty

Easy to install, this product provides a long lasting and cost effective cladding system that will not deteriorate, fade, crack or splinter like traditional timber cladding.

Composite batten cladding installation

Ensure the supporting wall is flat and sound . Supporting joists should be a minimum of 25mm deep and 38mm wide, fixed to the wall at maximum of 450mm spacing. Fix the first plank through the trough of the profile, then through the recessed screw groove on the lap edge. Lap the second cladding plank onto the first, and repeat along the wall.

For detailed cladding installation instructions , click here

A full Range of of associated accessories are available to complete your project. The Composite Batten Cladding Plank is available in two great colours Ash Grey & Oak Brown, as well as L Shaped Corner Trims, Cladding Edge Boards, Drip Trims and Coloured Screw Fixings.

Bison Composite Cladding FAQ’s

How many cladding boards will I need for my project?

Each cladding board comes in 2700mm lengths, giving a coverage of 0.54m² per board (or 1.85 boards per square metre). This does not allow for any waste, which should be calculated separately, but as a general guide, allow between 5-10% additional material for wastage

How should I store Bison Composite Batten Cladding after I receive delivery?

The composite material should be stored lying flat on level ground with supports every 500mm. It is advised to keep it covered to ensure it is clean and dust free prior to installation.

What Tools might I need for Bison Composite Batten Cladding?

For composite cladding installation it’s recommended that you should have the following tools to facilitate easy installation: Sliding compound mitre saw with composite blade, circular saw with guide rail for rip cuts, screw gun, tape measure, spirit level and all appropriate personal protection.

Will Bison Composite Cladding expand and contract?

The composite cladding will expand and contract due to to thermal expansion and contraction. It’s therefore advised to leave a 3m gap between the end of the board and any fixed structure. A 5-6mm gap should also be left between two butt lengths of cladding board on a continuous run.

How should I cut composite cladding and trims?

Cutting the cladding is easy. Simply cut the planks facing side up with a circular saw, using a blade designed for composite materials. Failing that, a hand saw or jig saw can also be used. Be sure to wear eye protection & dust masks when cutting the boards.

Are Bison Composite Batten Cladding products scratch proof?

While the cladding can be scratched if you try hard enough, it is generally scratch resistant with a very hard wearing coating that will withstand general knocks and scratches.

How long will Bison Cladding products last?

Bison Cladding is expected to last more than 30 years, depending on atmospheric conditions. A 10-year system manufacturers warranty is provided.

Can I install Bison Batten Cladding directly on to close boarding or brickwork?

Composite cladding cannot be installed direct to brickwork or boarding as it needs airflow behind the boarding. It should therefore be installed on to a timber or steel batten support at least 25mm deep.

Does Bison Composite Batten Cladding come in other colours?

Bison composite cladding comes in two colour options, Ash Grey and Oak, with more colours planned in the future.