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Arboflex PU Liquid Waterproofing

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Arboflex CSM Matting 225g
Arboflex PU Liquid Waterproofing Grey
Arboflex PU One Component Primer 5kg
Arboflex PU Sealant 300ml
Arboflex PU Thickener Additive 1ltr
Arboflex PU UV Protect Topcoat 5kg
Arboflex Roof Drip Edge Trim 2.5m
Arboflex Roof Kerb Drip Trim 2.5m
Arboflex Drip to Kerb Corner Angles
Arboflex External Drip Trim Corner Angle
Arboflex Kerb Trim Internal Corner

Discover the Ultimate Waterproofing Solution with Arboflex PU Liquid Waterproofing System.

Are you tired of dealing with leaky roofs and costly repairs? Look no further – Arboflex PU is the game-changing liquid waterproofing system you've been searching for. This innovative product offers a quick and cost-effective solution to transform your leaking roofs and surfaces.

Instant Water Resistance, Long-Term Results.

Arboflex PU is crafted from pure liquid polyurethane, ensuring instant water resistance upon application. Once cured, it forms a seamless, elastic membrane that guarantees waterproof protection for an impressive 25-year lifespan. Say goodbye to the stress of frequent roof maintenance and hello to long-term peace of mind.

Versatile Installation Over Various Substrates

Forget the hassle of tearing up your current substrate. Arboflex PU can be effortlessly installed over a range of surfaces, including felt, metal, cement, and even asbestos. Its versatility extends beyond flat and low-pitched roofs, making it suitable for balconies, swimming pools, artificial lakes, and flooring. Save both time and money with a product that adapts to your needs.

Why Choose Arboflex PU? We Have Countless Reasons!

  • BBA Certified Assurance: Rest easy knowing that Arboflex PU is BBA certified for a remarkable 25-year lifespan, providing you with a trustworthy and durable solution.

  • Adaptable to Any Surface: Whether your surface is uneven, curved, or irregular, Arboflex PU effortlessly adapts to create a reliable waterproof barrier.

  • Easy Installation: Enjoy a fast and easy installation process, eliminating the need for time-consuming and expensive roof replacements.

  • Cost-Effective Waterproofing: Arboflex PU is not just a solution; it's a cost-effective option to replace leaking roofs, helping you save on both immediate and long-term expenses.

  • Ready to Use: Straight out of the tin, Arboflex PU is ready for application, simplifying the waterproofing process and minimising downtime.

  • Low Maintenance: Bid farewell to regular roofing maintenance – Arboflex PU is designed to be maintenance-free, giving you more time and money for things that matter.

  • Seamless, Elastic, Waterproof Membrane: Revel in the assurance of a seamless, elastic membrane that guarantees optimal waterproofing performance throughout its impressive 25-year lifespan.

Choose Arboflex PU for a waterproofing solution that not only meets but exceeds your expectations. Invest in quality, durability, and peace of mind with a product that stands the test of time. Transform your surfaces and bid farewell to leaks, all with the quick and cost-effective power of Arboflex PU.