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DAKEA Break glass point, grey
DAKEA Comfort Switch
DAKEA Control unit for smoke vent - 10 Amps
DAKEA Control unit for smoke vent - 2 x 10 amps
DAKEA Electric opener
DAKEA Rain Sensor for Smoke Vent
DAKEA Safety Rim Lock
DAKEA Smoke detector
DAKEA Smoke Vent Control System
Dakea Telescopic Window & Blind Opener Rod
DAKEA Wind deflector
VELUX KFA Smoke detector sensor
VELUX KFC Smoke Vent Control Panel, 10A
VELUX KFC Smoke Vent Control Panel,2x10A
VELUX KFK Break glass unit
VELUX KIX Active Pack
VELUX KLI 311 Wall switch, windows, white
VELUX KLI 312 interior wall switch
VELUX KLI 313 exterior wall switch
VELUX KLN Active lock departure switch
VELUX KUX Single function control system
VELUX ZOZ Key operated lock for C/P windows
VELUX ZZZ Care kit for white paint
VELUX ZZZ Repair kit white polyurethane
VELUX ZZZ Repair kit WP wood

We stock a number of roof window accessories made by Velux and Dakea, including a range of high quality and reliable window accessories designed to improve the functionality and safety of your roof windows. These products are ideal for homeowners and commercial property owners who want to enhance the performance of their windows.

Discover our range of accessories such smoke vent switches, comfort switches, control units, electric openers, rain sensors, safety rim locks, smoke detectors, telescopic opener rods, wind deflectors, interior/exterior wall switches, repair kits, solar conversion kits and other accessories.